Ender’s Game

22 Aug

Ender’s Game was my gateway into Sci-Fi books, and it’s sequels as well as it’s Shadow series make up my favorite book series by far. In the first book, Andrew “Ender” Wiggin, a genius child born in a distant future, is sent up to battleschool to be trained with others like him to assist in Earth’s combined efforts to protect the planet from the anticipated bugger (alien) attack. His inner turmoil and natural leadership qualities are center stage throught the novel and make for an interesting story when complimented with outside point of views and commentaries that piece the world together quite nicely. The book stands out to me because it’s chalk full of characters who, simply “get it”. They’re smart, they’re blunt and because of that, they cut out most misunderstandings and unnecessary drama the average character would have, and cut straight to the things the reader really wants to know. Furthermore, the characters are diverse in personality, the diologue is clever, the plot is paced well, and the twists alone make a story that you won’t soon forget.

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